eurotender_col_logoEurotender Association was founded in 2005, with the aim of contributing to the success of the structural policy of the European Union in the South Great Plains region of Hungary. As a public benefit organisation, it wishes to foster social and economic cohesion.
Our operations include the support of disadvantaged people in the region, primarily improving the conditions of ethnicities, youth, elderly people, women and disabled people; examining the current state of the labour market and workplace health protection, and achieve sustainable development in harmony with the EU policies.

Our organisation is committed to regional development and territorial equality, and our main instrument for achieving these goals is the European Union’s cohesive policy. We believe that the role of the civil sector is decisive in forming regional identity.
Through our main activities—training/education, production of training materials—we would like to support the intentions and measures aiming to foster the integration of disadvantaged groups into the labour market.
We also support activities, which enable workers to conduct their work in a better physical, spiritual and mental health.