green-elephantThe foundation is established in the city of Lublin with a number of local teams spread over the Poland. Lublin, Lubelskie rural region, as well as Zakopane and eastern border area are its main area of activity. We have gained support from a resort in Zakopane and one of our seats is located now there. We are a non-profit organisation managed by a team of specialists and volunteers who perform certain duties.
We dream, create and craft educational experiences. We are active in area of non-formal education not only by making EU projects but also by providing training courses for trainers working with adults and youths.
Our team consists of professionals who provide various trainings for young people, youth workers, and other trainers to enhance their skills. We have rich experience in organisaing educational activities for the youths because our team has worked for many various NGO before joining in the Foundation. The foundation provides training courses in area of self-development, coaching, business coaching, ICT skills, language and various cultural activities. On other hand we are cultural organization which is prooud of supporting literacy and reading. We have under our care many old books including unique printouts which dates back to XIX and XVIII century. We promote the culture of reading and preserving the books. We also promote other traditional activities like local handcrafts – often organize workshops with people who make homemade diaries and other foodstuffs for ages. We have plans for starting the winekeeping workshops. Recently we became involved in the campaign for support of refugees from the Middle East and related to it human rights actions, what has been an uneasy task in a region with particular strong obstacles. Our actions in general are often intergenerational activities. Our methods are various, depends also on certain trainers who is always an individual specialist in his/her profession. In our trainings we keep to the rule of creating educational experience which means we particularly go to the sphere of non-formal education with using various methods and elements which couldn’t be used elsewhere. We have a team of professional trainers, youth workers and active young volunteers. We involve in our actions young people living both in rural and urban areas. We can also underline, that non-formal education has been the basic idea of the foundation, as it has been established by a popular crime novel writer for the benefit of the general society literacy.