Associhppl_logoation “Humana People to People in Latvia” (HPPL) is established in 2006. HPPL is member of Latvian Platform for Development Cooperation “LAPAS” and is represented in the board of “LAPAS”. HPPL is part of the international network of Humana People to People.

Main purpose of the organization is to raise awareness on global education issues in Latvia, particularly intercultural education, sustainable development, gender equality.  The main target groups are youngsters, teachers and pupils in schools. Recently HPPL has developed following activities regarding global education issues:

  1. HPPL is currently implementing 2 EC funded international global education projects for schools: 1) “Solidarity Schools in Baltic States” which aims to raise awareness of the MDGs and development issues among teachers and pupils, integrate global education topics and methods in teaching practices by developing methodological materials for teachers, organizing teacher trainings and educational school events for pupils. Project is implemented in all Baltic States together with partners from Malawi and Zimbabwe. In teacher trainings, we use non-formal education methods and focus on teacher self- development trough different global education topics; 2) “Global Teachers Award” aims to raise the profile and quality of global education provision in the European Union. Project is reaching the goal by offering national development education teacher training programmes in four countries (UK, Hungary, Latvia, Ireland).
  2. Working with schools HPPL has created school and teachers network and work with educational establishments in Riga and regions Organization implements international youth exchanges and seminars as well as take part and prepare youth groups for trainings and youth exchange projects abroad. The last implemented project by HPPL was international training course “Ambassadors of the world – EVS” that took place in Jordan, November 2014. Seminar brought together youth workers from Latvia, Estonia, Italy, Egypt, Jordan and Palestine.
  3. HPPL has created 5 didactic school materials about the issues as sustainable development and intercultural communication. Currently organization provides trainings for teachers and educators in order to introduce them with the materials, HPPL carry out different workshops for pupils as well. Youngsters take part in those activities as co-facilitators and workshop leaders for pupils.