Participants’ Projects

A funny and smart video on discrimination by Red Acoge, our Spanish partner. Be careful with people wearing glasses!


And here is another one from Red Acoge about their campaign claiming for inclusion in health system:

This third video deals with the topic of discrimination: especially with Immigrationalism. This expression is made up by the activists of Red Acoge to show the way the media treat the inmigrants and the inmigration issues. Cut the labels! Never have to follow the majority.


Some of the participants are active in nice initiatives of their NGO, just like Jose Luis Monteiro Da Cruz, who is a volunteer of our Czech partner, Youth Included. He takes part regularly in the NGO’s community cooking project. Here is his description of the events:

Community cooking, Prague 14

For us community cooking is a participant-driven, experimental cooking session that engages the public in preparing and eating food together towards to a more included community.

Challenging the traditional cooking class model, participants do not learn from an expert chef, but from a group of volunteers that are asked to bring a menu and share their culture.

Participants are brought out of isolated routines to interact with the others and feel comfortable while tasting flavors from all around the world.

Last but not least here are some nice videos of Gulbene, Latvia. Thank you for Oskars Kreismanis for sharing these youth activities.