red-acogeRed Acoge was born in 1991 in order to promote the rights of the immigrants. Right now Red Acoge is a federation of 18 organizations spread throughout the Spanish territory. It is characterized as democratic, pluralistic and independent having integrated projects and actions.

The objectives of Red Acoge include: the promotion and vindication of the rights of immigrants, trying to promote the carrying capacity of Spanish society, promote the quality in the social intervention with immigrants, facilitating the role of volunteering in organizations that make up the network and promote networking. We work for a more just and diverse society, thanks to a comprehensive and personal support that promotes the equality of people and the peaceful coexistence of the community.

Red Acoge has extensive experience in all types of strategies and mechanisms for social integration of immigrants, which takes place through various programs and actions of complete transparency. Some of them are:
• Legal assistance
• Adult Education
• Housing for vulnerable migrants
• Employment
• Inclusive Schools
• Intercultural Mediation
• Community development
• Sex education for young people from an intercultural perspective
• Young participation from an intercultural perspective
• Psychological support for migrant women and their families
• Volunteer training
• Awareness and Communication
• Equality and non-discrimination program

Promoting youth participation is one of our main priorities at the moment as a federation. Red Acoge organisations have been developing this kind of work for years and have great experience in creating intercultural exchange spaces for young people. Red Acoge is very interested in promoting this kind of activities and their impact, both national and international.

Social intervention programs with young people are carried out both with migrant and national youngsters, collaborating with schools, private and public resources for youth at a local level. They are aimed at promoting integration of this group through access to resources in their town of residence, active participation in local networks and platforms and supporting their own initiatives for culture, sports and leisure activities, creating spaces for intercultural youth exchange.

We believe one of the most interesting tools to address the issue of racism and racial discrimination is increasing awareness of citizenry as a whole, through activities that promote and enhance the dialogue and sharing experience to make visible the impact of racism on individuals and the community. It is therefore essential to create spaces for debate, allowing to transform the social reality into a peaceful coexistence and a tolerant and egalitarian society.

If you are interested you can visit our website where you will find more information about us, our work and our campaigns: