youth“Youth Included” is a non-profit organization, managed by a team of academics, youth
workers and experts in the field of youth work, intercultural cooperation and diversity promotion. Our NGO is based in Prague, Czech Republic; nevertheless, the scope of our
activities covers the European and International collaboration.
Among the main aims of “Youth Included” are contribution to the positive social changes in the society by promoting intercultural dialogue, facilitating understanding among people and establishment of harmonic co-existence. Our organization is working with young people as we do believe that the youth is the key to building of the future generations, therefore we have to put all the efforts to give them the tools for education, raise their awareness in regards to the dangers of xenophobia and discrimination, show them the diversity of the World and point out the positive effects of intercultural interactions.
Our regular activities are:
1. research projects in regards to the issues of migration and ethnic studies, cultural identity, nationalism, discrimination, community inclusion processes, etc.
2. organization of activities in connection to the results of the research projects (presentation to the public, discussions, evaluations);
3. organization of the seminars, workshops, round tables, lectures, conferences and
4. organization of cultural, sport and free time activities;
5. establishment of international and local partnerships with the organizations, working
with the related issues;
6. support of interdisciplinary and non-formal education;
7. participation in the European and international projects;
8. work with the youth in regards to the intercultural barriers and stereotypes;
9. organization of youth exchanges and practice sharing;
10. work with volunteers;
11. education of the Czech and European public by presenting the results of our work on
our blog, website and access to the project’s outcomes.